It's official! I am now offering bespoke Skype Guitar Lessons, Skype Bass Guitar Lessons, and Skype Music Theory Lessons!

And..... I'm offering a free 30 minute introductory Skype Guitar Lesson  so you can try before you buy!

I will always tailor the lessons to your specific needs.

Apply using the form at the bottom of the page.

What I offer:

Skype Guitar Lessons and Skype Bass Guitar lessons in the following styles:

  • Jazz

  • Blues

  • Rock

  • Funk

  • Soul

  • Singer/Songwriter Acoustic accompaniment

  • Metal

I provide technical exercises for all important contemporary techniques for which I can send you PDFs of TABs and Notation including (but not limited to)

  • Legato - hammer ons and pull offs

  • Alternate Picking

  • Economy Picking

  • Sweep Picking

  • Finger Picking

  • Slap Bass

  • Slide

  • Strumming

  • Groove & Time Keeping!

  • Bending

  • Vibrato


I also provide neck diagrams of all material covered in the lessons when requested e.g.


I offer TABs of songs learned in the lessons (for a fee to be negotiated during the lesson based on labour cost) e.g.

I offer exceptional music theory lessons on everything from basic theory to thorough explanations of advanced harmony including (but not limited to)

  • Modes of the major scale

  • Jazz Theory (basic to advanced harmony)

  • Chord - Scale relationships

  • Diatonic Harmony (Explaining how chords work within a key)

  • Non Diatonic Harmony

It's easy to apply:

  1. Send me an email outlining what you would like to work on in your Skype Guitar Lesson and what times you are available (including your time zone).

  2. I will then email you back with a time and our Skype name for your Skype Guitar Lesson or Skype Bass Lesson.

Name *


Once the lesson is booked and you have added me on Skype. Just make sure that you are signed in to Skype 5 minutes before your scheduled Skype Guitar Lesson or Skype Bass Lesson and that your webcam is panned to show your face and instrument.

If you enjoy the free lesson and wish to have further lessons our prices are as follows

30 minute lesson £20 (roughly $31 US)

60 minute lesson £30 (roughly $55 US)

Block booking of ten 30 minute lessons £180 (roughly $231 US)

Block booking of ten 60 minute lessons £270 (roughly $347 US)

All lessons must be paid for in advance via PayPal or bank transfer.

Please do email me with any enquiries using the form above.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.