I offer high quality one to one guitar lessons for all abilities to motivated students.

You must be willing to put in the required effort (practice) to yield any sort of return from your lessons. In my experience this is at minimum 30 minutes a day.

I am an expert in explaining functional music theory to students looking to understand how music works. I also specialise in teaching rock, jazz and blues guitar. I have lots of students who are looking to learn guitar as a means to accompany themselves as singers.

If you are interested in booking lessons with me then please use the form at the bottom of this page to book a lesson. I also offer a free 30 minute Skype introductory lesson. 

What do I teach?

I teach guitar, bass guitar & harmony and music theory for all styles and all abilities from beginner to advanced. This includes both electric and acoustic guitar and electric bass,  and can encompass working towards the following grades:


What ages do I teach?

It's never too late to start and as long as a young student has enthusiasm for it then he or she will take to it.

Where do I teach?

I offer lessons in South London, Basingstoke and Hampshire.


I also teach online lessons via HD webcam through Skype.

I am available to travel to your home to teach.

How much are lessons?

Lessons are £50 per hour or £25.00 per half hour. I offer a discount for booking and paying for 6 lessons in advance and this works out at £45 per hour (£270)

What should you bring to lessons?

It's preferable for you to have your own instrument with you for the lesson but if you can't then you're free to use mine for the duration of the lesson.

It would also be a good idea to bring a USB memory stick in order that I can give you exercises, transcriptions to work on, backing tracks and other useful material.

What should you expect from a lesson?

We will sit down and discuss your goals initially and then tailor a path and material suited to your ability and available practise time. This will enable you to constantly improve as a musician.

I am also able to help prepare students for auditions to institutions such as Tech Music Schools, the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, ACM, BIMM and others.


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