Father's Day

My Dad bought me an electric guitar for Christmas in 1989. A 'Marlin Slammer'. It was a Strat copy and it was black, just like Eric Clapton's 'Blackie'.

Dad bought me lots of Eric Clapton VHSs and recorded as much as he could from the TV. I would watch these videos and try to learn how to play. It was a magical time in my life. I'd often just look at my guitar and wonder if one day I'd be able to play it properly - like Eric did.

In 1992 Dad took me to see Clapton at the Albert Hall - my first gig. It was the blues night :) I got a real education. Clapton, Robert Cray, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy (he made his entrance from the ladies toilets). I loved the sound of electric blues guitar and I'll never forget that night.

Dad and I would listen to Clapton in the car, around the house and he'd take me to see him whenever he could.

My Dad died this last Boxing Day and we played Eric Clapton at his funeral. I wondered at the time how I would feel on days like Father's Day, my Dad's birthday, Christmas (the anniversary of my Marlin Slammer) or Boxing Day (the anniversary of my dear Dad's death) and I've decided that with as much happiness as I can I'm going to play some Clapton for him. So here is an appropriate albeit short rendition for my Dad and for those of you who have also lost your Dads and will be thinking of them today. Jxx